Lower Torso Treatments

Most women have to deal with the inconvenient, uncomfortable, and frequent problem of bikini hair removal.
The hair grows back quickly in this area after waxing, which is particularly uncomfortable. Shaving is only a temporary fix and is harsh and uncomfortable, frequently leaving behind those unsightly red lumps.
Depilatories are unpleasant to use, include strong chemicals that can burn skin, and have transient results like the other procedures. Also, disregard electrolysis! Discuss the pain! Bikini laser hair removal, which is one of our specializations at Lotus, is the ideal remedy.

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Basic Bikini Line (up to 3” wide on thighs) Female

All prices are per session.
Only at 79.00 CAD

Linea ( 3” wide belly button to pubic bone) Female

All prices are per session.
Only at 49.00 CAD


All prices are PER session
Price Per Session 229.00 CAD

Brazilian & Adomen

All prices are PER session
Price Per Session 279.00 CAD

How does Laser Hair Removal work ?

Laser hair removal works by beaming light into the hair follicle, which is then absorbed by the pigment, or melanin, in the hair; this is why darker-haired individuals first saw the best results. The heat produced as the pigment absorbs the light causes the follicle to get damaged.

The hair vaporizes once the laser damages the hair follicle, and after an entire course of treatments, the hair will stop growing again. Ingrown hairs may be avoided with laser hair removal, which will also save time on waxing and shaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is hair removal painful?
How long does hair removal last?
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