Electricity-based Treatments

Cosmetic electrotherapy, often known as an electric facial, refers to a variety of aesthetic procedures that tone facial muscles and micro-lift the face to provide therapeutic benefits. In salons and spas, there are three common forms of electric facials used.

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Microcurrent Treatments

Microcurrent runs a low level current through the area of treatment to aid in improved circulation, toning of facial muscles, lymphatic drainage, and enhanced product penetration. Support the benefits of this non-surgical "facelift" with peptides to promote collagen health and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

+Microcurrent be done between the Peel step and Facial Massage within a HydroPeptide facial protocol, if a peel is indicated for your client. Note, some manufacturers may inform you not to include a peel.

High Frequency Treaments

High frequency provides enriched oxygenation to the skin to aid in keeping skin clear, minimize the appearance of pores, and increase healing circulation. Enhance your results by utililizing HydroPeptide's clinically-driven formulas.

+High Frequency should be performed after the masking step and prior to treatment with serums in a HydroPeptide Facial Protocol.

+Choose serum based on client's prioritized skin needs.

Laser Treatments

HydroPeptide helps to calm, soothe and support recovery from laser treatments.

+Soothing Balm and Soothing Serum are ideal for application to aid in recovery after laser treatment.

Best Facial Treatment

By eliminating the most damaged outer layers of skin to show the younger-looking skin beneath and promoting the creation of new, healthy skin cells, skin resurfacing procedures aid in the restoration of a more youthful, attractive complexion.

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